Effluent is defined as any water contaminated during your production. This could be process chemistry from surface finishing, cleaning waste from food/ pharmaceutical production or any other waste water generated during your business process.

Effluent treatment plant is used to ensure businesses comply with their “Consent to Discharge”. This is supplied by the local Water Authority and is a legal requirement for any discharge to foul sewer or watercourse.

Effluent treatment is also used to protect your business’ environmental reputation as a part of your ISO 14001 accreditation.¬† Additionally, by utilising¬† water recirculation, re-use and sludge reduction there are also financial benefits to be gained.

Effluent treatment requires detailed knowledge of:

  • how the effluent is generated and
  • the chemistry used within the process area.

Segregation of rinses may be required to prevent the production of difficult to treat or harmful chemical species.

Understanding the volumes of water used and the frequency of discharge is also key to providing the most efficient and cost-effective treatment system.

Water recirculation may also be used to reduce the volume of water discharged from site and ensure greater control of the final discharge.

Plastratum has designed, fabricated and installed effluent treatment solutions for clients in the automotive, aerospace and engineering sectors, and can put our knowledge and experience into use to solve your issues.

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