The reality of life is that we have always been subjected to rules, regulations and advice, be it good bad or indifferent.

When it comes to fume extraction, the rules and regulations can be frustratingly confusing.  Plastratum can bring clarity, delivering Health, Safety & Environmental benefits to our clients.

Plastratum are experts in fabricating and installing fume extraction systems using thermoplastics to DW154, the UK standard for plastic ductwork.

Plastratum fume treatment system benefits

  • Reduction to risk of harm to the operator’s immediate and long-term health.
  • Reduction to the risk of harm to the health of any in the vicinity.
  • Reduced risk of corrosive attack to the workpieces, process controls or any other sensitive equipment.
  • Reduced risk of corrosive attack to the building fabric or its infrastructure.
  • Reduction in the process plant’s energy requirement.
  • Reduction in the process waste.
  • Reduction to any harmful airborne emissions.
  • Gives effective control of substances hazardous to health.
  • Will extend the process operational life and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Be compliant with the regulatory aims and objectives.
  • Will satisfy the aims and objectives of responsible plant designers and operators.

Through our extensive and continuing development Plastratum offer up-to-date streamlined and clean designs enhancing the working environment and operator experience.

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Plastratum are experts in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of bespoke chemical plant and equipment:

– Surface Finishing Equipment

– Effluent Treatment Plant

– Fume Scrubbing

For further information, please contact us to develop your ideas.

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