It’s your project, and every project is unique.

We therefore believe that it’s critical that we spend sufficient time with your key personnel to understand your exact needs. Time invested at the start of the project has several major benefits:

  • Brings both our teams together early in the process, fostering a culture of trust
  • Identifies potential savings through integrated design
  • Prevents waste of time and money later in the project

Only by investing this time up front can we truly work in partnership with you.

Critical questions

We appreciate that much of your process will be proprietary, and we maintain full commercial confidentiality throughout the project.  That foundation of trust is necessary to enable us to give your the right advice, so our designers will need to ask thorough questions:

Tell us about the chemistry in every stage of your process

  • chemicals – volumes and concentrations
  • temperature
  • type of catalyst
  • agitation
  • delivery mechanism
  • timing

Where does your project start and finish

  • chemical storage
  • pipework
  • process line
  • walkway
  • effluent treatment
  • lip extraction
  • ductwork
  • fume scrubber?

What level of automation do you require?

What level of reporting do you require?

What are the project KPIs?

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Plastratum are experts in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of bespoke chemical plant and equipment:

– Surface Finishing Equipment

– Effluent Treatment Plant

– Fume Scrubbing

For further information, please contact us to develop your ideas.

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