Plastratum are surface finishing engineering specialists.

Surface engineering refers to a wide range of technologies designed to modify the surface properties of metallic and non-metallic components for decorative and/or functional purposes. Examples include improving corrosion and wear resistance to extend component life; making items more visually attractive; and giving special properties such as lubricity enhancement, non-stick surfaces, etc.

Surface engineering processes include:

  • Aqueous electrolytic, normally consisting of electroplating of metal coatings, anodising of aluminium and titanium, as well as the electropolishing of stainless steel.
  • Electroless processes for those metals, notably copper, nickel, gold and tin that can be applied by chemical reduction methods and avoid the use of electrolytic energy.
  • Aqueous non-electrolytic typically cleaning, pickling, phosphating, passivation, mechanical plating and a variety of other colouring processes, e.g. “blacking” of steel.
  • Organic (liquid) which can be solvent or water based but applies pigmented or metal containing coatings by dipping, dip-spinning, flow coating, conventional spraying, or in the case of water based paints, by electrophoretic or auto-catalytic means.

Through extensive and continuing development, Plastratum’s manual and automated plating plant offer modern streamlined designs which enhance both the working environment and operator experience.

We work with our clients to ensure operational requirements, chemical resistance and robustness of design are paramount in our equipment.

All of our designs are bespoke, using our extensive experience and integrating our client’s requirements and, ultimately, their end customers’ needs.

Each piece of surface finishing equipment is designed to provide operational efficiency, ease of maintenance, safe and ergonomic operation and robust durability.

Detailed design studies are carried out, along with HAZOP studies, where appropriate, to ensure safe and efficient operability.

The equipment is manufactured at our centre of excellence in Birmingham, where FAT testing can be carried out.

The tested plant is then shipped to site, either in a single piece or easily reconnected modules, for installation, water testing, chemical commissioning and SAT testing.

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Plastratum are experts in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of bespoke chemical plant and equipment:

– Surface Finishing Equipment

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– Fume Scrubbing

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