Plastratum has joined Made in Britain as part of our drive to support British-based manufacturing.

Membership of Made in Britain is only available to a manufacturer making physical goods where raw materials/components have undergone a substantial and transformative change as a result of manufacturing processes in Great Britain.

One hundred per cent of labour/human resource that makes the finished product must be in Britain at the time the product was first offered for sale. Components can be sourced from overseas, but they must undergo a substantial change and be transformed into a finished product in a manufacturing facility in Britain.

Plastratum MD Mike Taylor commented “As a British manufacturer in the industrial heartlands of the Midlands, we feel very strongly about the benefits of working together to push British manufacturing excellence around the world.”

Made in Britain said “Made in Britain is a fast-growing community of like-minded manufacturers. By applying the Made in Britain collective mark to your product, packaging or website, your business is making it really clear to buyers and consumers that you’re making right here to the very highest standards.”

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Plastratum are experts in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of bespoke chemical plant and equipment:

– Surface Finishing Equipment

– Effluent Treatment Plant

– Fume Scrubbing

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