Fume Treatment System Specification

The scrubbing unit comes complete with integral liquor holding tank reservoir, gas inlet taper, random packed section, irrigation section, droplet/mist eliminator, gas outlet taper, interconnecting pipe system from re-circulation pump unit to irrigation section, plus all necessary access/viewing ports.

The integral liquor holding tank reservoir is complete with water make-up ball float valve, low-level switch, drain valve and overflow connection, re-circulation pump connection.

The interconnecting pipe system includes flow rate control valve and flow meter complete with flow limit switch.

The fume scrubbing unit is fabricated in rigid thermoplastic, hot gas welded and tested to proof, externally reinforced with a general- purpose GRP laminate.

The interconnecting pipe system is uPVC.

Fixings are stainless steel and gaskets are neoprene rubber.


The ductwork delivery system is manufactured in thermoplastic, stiffened as appropriate, in accordance with BESA DW154 appropriate to a negative pressure of 1000Pa.

The factory internal process ductwork is constructed from beige grey polypropylene.

The external process ductwork is externally reinforced with a general-purpose GRP laminate. All workshop-produced joints are hot gas welded and tested to proof in accordance with Plastratum standard practice. Other than mechanical joints, all joints made on site are hot gas welded only in accordance with Plastratum standard codes and practice.

Discharge Stack

The discharge stack is fabricated in thermoplastic suitably reinforced with a general-purpose GRP laminate offering UV protection. The discharge stack conforms to BS:4994 with wind loading CP:3chapter V part II 1970.

All assembly fixings are stainless steel sets, nuts and washers. Gaskets are neoprene.

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